a launching point to further success

the pre-professional program at millikin university dedicates its energy to preparing individuals for entry into and success in a post-graduate medical sciences program. each student receives a liberal arts education with a firm foundation in science. courses in science, social science, arts, and language balance those in biology and/or chemistry.

individual monitoring of academic and professional goals and one-on-one contact with the program director set our program apart from others. personalized mentoring invites you to become part of a community of learners and helps you focus on your coursework. local internships and service opportunities provide hands-on enrichment and education, while an updated health-career library informs students of growing career opportunities.

finally, and perhaps most importantly, millikin offers on-campus admission exam preparation in the form of courses and review sessions. these sessions help you develop the skills needed to test into the post-graduate program of your choice.

our affiliations

our health sciences programs are housed in the leighty-tabor science center, an 83,000-square-foot facility. its state-of-the-art labs serve all of the natural sciences at millikin university, including biology, chemistry, nursing, and pre-professional studies. the faculty of these departments work together to provide quality courses, lectures, and labs for our students.

the pre-engineering program is affiliated with the physics department at millikin.

our pre-law program is offered in partnership with the philosophy department.

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